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Add a short video message in your outreach for better engagement.
Ideal for customer facing roles like sales, customer success and founders
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Just a few ways our customers use VIDEO in outreach

Video in Cold Emails

Sales reps
Video messages add a human touch to a cold email

Holiday Messages

Sales reps
Send your customers and prospects a personalized video message

Sales Presentations

Sales reps
Video presentations can be sent directly to your customers

Leadership Messages

Sales reps
Leadership can now share messages directly with your customers

Share the Team

Sales reps
Share team activities with everyone, show how you are the best

Product Launches

Sales reps
Product launches are a great way to re-connect with cold leads, use them to reach out


Is TeamSync private to my company or organization

Yes, When you create an account with TeamSync only the people you invite to the org have access to your feed. No one else can access.

Do my customer, prospects need to install the TeamSync app

Your video message is shared as a link that can be opened in any browser, you can share the links via email, linkedin or any other platform. The app is not required to view a message.

Do I need to create new content every time

Once you bring your team onboard they can share content with you. You can share any public content in your TeamSync feed with your customers.

How do I know when my audience views the message

You will receive a notification when your audience views your message. This helps you followup with your customer.

Is there any other type of content I can share

The TeamSync app allows you to share Text, Videos, Images, SlideDecks, PDFs etc. All this content is readily available for you on your feed.

Can I manage my team

Yes, as an admin you can add and remove users, restrict acces etc

Trusted by leaders

Ted Dimbero Chief Customer Officer
Ted Dimbero
CEO, Skywa
San Francisco, CA

" TeamSync has come at just the right time to help constantly keep your field teams aware of the latest information. "
Mihir Mehta CEO Bomisco
Mihir Mehta
CEO Bomisco
San Francisco, CA

"TeamSync has been instrumental in increasing our pipeline conversions.Video messaging is super smooth and easy with TeamSync."
Piyush Gupta Chief Product Officer
Piyush Gupta
Chief Product Officer
San Francisco, CA

" We need a lightweight system designed to enable context-rich communication. "

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